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Hakgojae Gallery
A Brushstroke


Hakgojae Gallery is pleased to present 一劃)>, a group exhibition comprised of 38 artworks of 15 renowned Korean and international artists.

The exhibition title is derived came from Inhwaron(一畵論) in the book, Gongwahwasanghwa-a-rok(苦瓜和尙畵語錄) by Seokdo(石濤), who was an artist and an art critic of early Qing(靑) Dynasty. Seokdo stated that 'a brushstroke' is the beginning of an artwork and it one recognizes that fact, one will realize the principle of art. In other words, when the artist embodies every brushstroke with intended meanings, the artwork will be complete.

Through a brushstroke of the artists, who live in a time of change, this exhibition will seek into their mindset.


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