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The world became complicated. Along with our lives became complicated. Disregarding the overflowing information, logics and relationships, the journey of reaching to the truth, the essence, is getting more tiresome. In thirst for, and anxiety of logics and rationality being unable to provide ‘the correct decision,’ people started to count more on intuition, instantly recognizing the fundament of a subject without the observation, which also can be said as a unconscious process of thinking.

Intuition is quiet useful when to cognize the subject generally, and makes up for which ‘rationality’ cannot satisfy. Perspective focusing on ‘intuition’ as a driving force of creativity outstands these days. Therefore, the exhibition is held with the major topic ‘intuition,’ because no matter how you slice it, a work of art cannot be more intuitive than anything. Some says intuition is not only the first substance but also the first motive of creation, meaning intuition acts in the moment of inspiration. Besides intuition operates when work and audience meet together, and drags something inherent out from the subject and human. As well Konrad Fiedler sought for the fundament of art in intuition and said, “The essence of artistic talent is having, or begins with intuitive grasp. For an artist, the term intuition is free intuition, sitting loose to any external purposes.”

Seventeen artists from the exhibition differ from not only concept of but also the way to resolve the work. The exhibition is rather ‘a suggestion’ to ferret out the essence of intuition that is magnified as a way to perceive the world. Furthermore, it hopes for reconsideration about artists’ attitude of works, audiences’ attitude of observation, and relationships created upon works and purposes. It is ultimately connected to reconsideration for real meaning of art’s existence.


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