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KIM Young-Hun

KIM Young-Hun has gained international acclaim in esteemed art scenes in the United States, France, Germany, and Hong Kong. Since receiving the Grand Prize at the 1995 JoongAng Fine Arts Prize, he consistently surpasses expectations. Over the past five years, he has introduced a distinctive painting style, pushing the boundaries of Korean art. KIM Young-Hun delves into the underlying vibrations and rhythms shaping the creation of matter, the dynamics of nature, and the birth and extinction of life. Through the juxtaposition of opposing colors, he disrupts established forms and structures. Simultaneously revitalizing the fractured canvas with rhythm, he reveals the exquisite potential of ‘painterly painting’. The series Electronic Nostalgia takes inspiration from the noise that emerged on TV or monitors. Within the realm of art, the world's noise transforms into a subtle innovation, giving birth to new substances through collisions. The universe unfolds as a continuous series of dynamic events. Life, in its dialectical nature, strives to overcome the contradiction between order and chaos. Pure order yields emptiness, while unbridled chaos leads to engulfing madness. The taut tension between these two elements orchestrates the dance of our lives. KIM Young-Hun’s paintings are rhythms that penetrate the core of this tension. Hakgojae Gallery aims to invite the audience into the progressive and dynamic world of contemporary painting. 

Kim Young-hun was born in Nonsan in 1964. After graduating from Hongik University, he earned a master's degree in painting at Chelsea College of Art, University of the Arts London. He held solo exhibitions at the Seongkok Art Museum (Seoul), Zaha Museum (Seoul), Space K (Daegu), Gallery Richards (Paris, France & New York, US), Espace Icare (Issy-les-Moulineaux, France), and Soluna Fine Art (Hong Kong). Major group exhibitions include "Eui-geum-sang-gyeong" (Hakgojae, Seoul, 2023), "Ways of Seeing" (JARILAGER Gallery, Cologne, Germany, 2022), "Masterpieces" (Galerie Richard, Paris, France, 2021), "Neo-Sansu" (Daegu Art Museum, Daegu, 2014), and "the Secret" (Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju; Busan Museum of Art, Busan; Arco Art Center, Seoul, 2012). He received the Haindoo Fine Art Award in 2020 and the Grand Prize at the JoongAng Fine Arts Prize in 1995. His works are collected by major Korean institutions such as the Leeum Museum of Art (Seoul), Zaha Museum (Seoul), Sungkok Art Museum (Seoul), National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Gwacheon (Gwacheon), and the Government Art Bank (Gwacheon).



1964 Born in Nonsan, Korea

1992  BFA Painting, College of Fine Arts, Hongik University
2006-07  MFA Fine Art, Department of Art, Goldsmiths, University of London
2008        MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London
Lives and works in Yang Pyeong, Korea and New York 


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2023          Frequency, Hakgojae Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2021          Ripple Ripple, Soluna Fine Art, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

2020          Diamond Mountain, Soluna Fine Art, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

2019          Electronic Nostalgia, Galerie Richard, Paris, France

                  Electronic Nostalgia, Galerie Richard, New York, US

2017          Virtual-Scape, Choi&Lager Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2016          Electronic Nostalgia: Noise, Gail Art Museum, Gapyeong, Korea

2013          Cloud Map, Space K, Daegu, Korea

2012          Cloud Map, Zaha Museum, Seoul, Korea

                  Cloud Map, Nuovo Gallery, Daegu, Korea

2010          Electronic Nostalgia: Broken Dream, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, Korea

2003          Ateliers Höherweg e.V., Dusseldorf, Germany

2002          Espace Icare, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

2001          Cité internationale des arts, Paris, France

1997          Dark Side of the Moon, Woong-Jun Gallery, Seoul, Korea

1995          Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Jangheung, Korea


2023 Haindoo Fine Art Award Residency, Seoul
2003 Höherweg 271, Dusseldorf, Germany
2000 Samsung residency program, Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris 
1996 Freeman Fellowship, Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, U.S


2020 Haindoo Fine Art Award, Seoul
1995  JoongAng Fine Arts Prize, Grand Prize, Seoul


Public Collections

MMCA Art Bank, Gwacheon, Korea

MMCA Government Art Bank, Gwacheon, Korea

Leeum Museum of Art, Seoul

Zaha Museum, Seoul

Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul

Kolon Group, Seoul

Pulmuone, Seoul

Bank of America, New York

The Arts Club, London











Selected Group Exhibitions

2023        Eui-geum-sang-gyeong: Over her embroidered robe she puts on a plain garment, Hakgojae Gallery, Seoul 

2022        Ways of Seeing, Jari Lager Gallery, Cologne, Germany
2022        Boundless, One Art Space, New York
2022        Ode to the Moon, Korean Cultural Center, Central, Hong Kong
2022        Comprehensive Judgement, Yoonsun gallery, Daegu, Korea
2022        Reflection, Soluna Fine Art, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
2021        Total Support for Total Museum, Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul
2021        Prism, Soluna Fine Art, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
2021        Pars Pro Toto, Cian Art Museum, Yeongcheon, Korea
2021        Master Pieces, Galerie Richard, Paris
2020 Kim Young-Hun & Lee Gun Yong, Choice Art Company, Seoul
An Ode to Life, Korean Cultural Center, Central, Hong Kong
         Visual Pleasures, Galerie Richard, New York
2019 Hyper Salon, UARTSPACE, Seoul
4482, Seloarts&C, Seoul
2018        Color Matters, Galerie Richard, New York
2018        Kim Young-Hun, Kim Jin, Gallery Lee & Bae, Busan, Korea
2017 Visualizing Today, Hongik Museum of Art, Seoul
2017 Imperfect Consonance_YoungHun Kim & Robert Muntean, UNC gallery, Seoul
2016 Visual Arithmetic: The 64 Formal Codes, Lee Eugean Gallery, Seoul
The Middle Distance - Shane Bradford & KIM Young-Hun, Choi&Lager Gallery, Cologne
Please Return to Busan Port, Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium, Vestrossen, Norway 
2015 SamSaikDo, Jaha Museum, Seoul
Have a Good Day, Mr. Kim, Michael Horbach Foundation, Cologne, Germany
2014   Neo Sansu, Daegu Art Museum, Daegu, Korea
       Best Portrait Collection-Artist’s Room, Gallery Won, Seoul
       Total Support, Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul
2013   Homo Utopicus, Hada Contemporary, London
2013   Korean Contemporary Painting 33 Artists, Gangdong Arts Center, Seoul
2013   Multi Effect, Gallery Ihn, Seoul
2013   British Impact, Gallery Lee & Bae, Busan, Korea
2013   Fantasy Will be There, Daegu Art Factory, Daegu, Korea
2012   Geumgang Nature Art Biennale, Geumgang Nature Art Center, Gongju, Korea
Transformed Human, Space K, Gwangju, Korea
2012   The Secret, Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju; Busan Museum of Art, Busan; Arko Art Center, Seoul
2011    From a Distance, Keep a Distance, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul
2010 Art Actually, Gallery Kunstdoc, Seoul
2010 Electronic Nostalgia, Mullae art factory, Seoul
2010 Over the Rainbow, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul
2009        Digital/Multiple Emotion, Gallery Sejul, Seoul
2009        Nomadic Project - Time and Space, Dalanzadgad State Museum, Gobi, Mongolia
2009        Defamiliarisation, Nolias gallery, London 
2009        Condensation 2009, Bodhi Gallery, London 
2008    Condensation 2008, Desima Gallery, London
2003    Kim Young-Hun & Moon ByungTak, Ingolstadt city gallery, Ingolstadt, Germany


p22049_Electronic Nostalgia


Oil on linen


p22048_Electronic Nostalgia


Oil on linen


p22043_Electronic Nostalgia


Oil on linen


p1662_Electronic Nostalgia


Oil on canvas

291x436cm (291x216cm x2)

p1661_Electronic Nostalgia


Oil on canvas


Electronic Nostalgia


Oil on canvas


p1764_Electronic Nostalgia


Oil on canvas


p1923-1_Electronic Nostalgia


Oil on linen


p22018_Electronic Nostalgia


Oil on linen


p22010_Electronic Nostalgia


Oil on linen


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