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RYU Kyung Chai

Born in Haeju, Hwanghae-do, North Korea (1920-1995). Graduated from Roku Insa Painting School in Painting (1941). Selected for the 19th Joseon Art Exhibition (1940). Received the Presidential Award with Neighborhood of a Bare Mountain at the 1st National Art Exhibition of Korea (1949), and received special recognition at the 2nd National Art Exhibition of Korea (1953). Was nominated as the first-ever recommended artist in 1956, and as an invited artist in 1959, of the National Art Exhibition of Korea. Was one of the establishing members of Chang Jark Fine Arts Association (1957). Held solo exhibitions at Chunchu Gallery (1983), Hyundai Hwarang (1990), etc. Participated in Tokyo Biennale (1965), São Paulo Bienniale (1967), etc. Received the Korea Culture and Art Award (1980), The Samil Prize (1985), the 1st Oh Jiho Art Award (1992), etc. Took positions as a judge and operation director at the National Art Exhibition, president of The National Academy of Arts, Republic of Korea, professor at Ewha Womans University and Seoul National University, College of Fine Arts. Was bestowed the Geumgwan Medal, Order of Cultural Merit (1995). Retrospective exhibition was held in National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Deoksugung (2002). 






Wish 93-3


Oil on canvas

161.5 x 133.8 cm

Wish 92-1


Oil on canvas

134 x 134 cm

Day 85-6


Oil on canvas

130 x 162 cm

Day 81-5


Oil on canvas

162 x 130 cm

Namo Amitabha 77-3


Oil on canvas

162 x 130 cm

The Bright Season


Oil on canvas

162 x 130 cm

Hyanggyo Village 75-5


Oil on canvas

53 x 45.5 cm

Season (Vicissitudes)


Oil on plywood

125 x 64 cm

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