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Jin Meyerson carries on the legacy of abstract painting by distorting, expanding and reducing, and reinterpreting images from the media into the language of painting. Based on the randomly selected images of crowds, nature, and machines, the artist reinterprets his surroundings into paintings with his own images and uncanny color schemes. In terms of structure, Meyerson’s image selection process is random and unplanned, unlike many painters whose works are based on digital images. The original images which he uses as the base of the farraginous form to create a collage are found primarily through online search. 

Meyerson, who sustains the practice of studio painting, proposes an unorthodox window to the recent history of cultural evolution. He operates a traditional art studio where the artist himself and his assistants work on sketches, silhouettes, and textures laterally and later adds delicate details vertically. Meyerson’s work advocates the idea of the role of composition and explication through the process of conceptualizing and executing. His work does not reflect the mechanical narration, which is simply selecting images and producing those images into paintings. His work’s base is on the sketches, but since he executes the process of repainting and rearranging the originals, his work’s composition alters rapidly over time. 

Born in Incheon, Korea in 1972, Jin Meyerson is an American artist currently based in Hong Kong after spending time working in New York, Paris, and Seoul. He received his BFA from Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 1995 and his MFA from Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 1997. Meyerson is recognized for his contributions to the renaissance of representational art; and he participated in The Triumph of Painting at Saatchi Gallery, London, and Hue & Cry, curated by Vladimir Roitfeld. In 2013, Meyerson had a solo exhibition at Hakgojae Gallery. His works are part of Guggenheim, Saatchi Gallery, and Philadelphia Museum of Art’s public collection.



1972     Born in Incheon, Korea

1995     BFA, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Minnesota, USA

1997     MFA, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, USA

Currently lives and works in Hong Kong


Solo Exhibitions

2016     No Direction Home, Hakgojae Gallery, Seoul

2014     Endless Frontier, Hakgojae Gallery, Shanghai, China

             Rebirth of Opticality, ICAM Museum, Yongin, Korea

2013     The Accumulation of Perception, SCAD Moot gallery, Hong Kong

             Rebirth of Opticality, Ie-Young Contemporary Art Museum, Yongin, Korea

             Endless Frontier, Hakgojae Gallery, Seoul

             No Rest for the Wicked, Galerie Perrotin, Hong Kong

2011     Rare Earth, Yuz Foundation, Jakarta

2010     Carpal Fatigue, Emmanuel Perrotin Gallery, Paris

2009     Forecast, Arario Gallery, Seoul; Cheonan, Korea

2008     Emmanuel Perrotin Gallery, Miami, USA

             There is No Way Out. But Always a Way Through, Nordine Zidoun, Luxembourg

2007     Progress is No Longer a Guarantee, Michael Janssen Gallery, Berlin

2006     Accidental Tourist, Emmanuel Perrotin Gallery, Paris

             High Cholesterol Moment, Zach Feuer Gallery (LFA), New York

2004     More than You Want, Less than You Need, LFL Gallery, New York

             Social Distortion, Emmanuel Perrotin Gallery, Paris


Group Exhibitions

2015     Full of Peril and Weirdness: Painting as a Universalism, curated by Robin Peckham, M WOODS, Beijing

2012     Hue & Cry, Sotheby's S2 gallery, New York

             Energy, Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejeon, Korea

             Making Waves, Saatchi Gallery, London

2011     Global New Art, Sompo Museum, Tokyo

             Collectors Stage, Asian Contemporary Art from Private Collection, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

             So Contemporary Art Exhibition, Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore

2010     Hope, Pinault Foundation, Dinard, France

             Living in Evolution, Busan Biennale, Busan Museum of Art, Busan, Korea

             NYC collects, Neuberger Museum, New York

2009     BEASTIN, Nordine Zidoun Gallery, Luxembourg

2008     Getting Out Our Dreams, Otero Plassart, Los Angeles, USA

             Jekyll Island, Honor Fraser Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

             The New Authentics: Artists of the Post-Jewish Generation, Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies, Chicago, USA

2007     Disorder in the House, Vanhaerents Art Collection, Brussels

             Salon Nouveau, Engholm Engelhorn Galerie, Vienna

             More is More - Maximalist Painting, Museum of Fine Arts, Florida State University, Tallahassee, USA

2006     The Triumph of Painting, Saatchi Gallery, London

             Blood Meridian, Michael Janssen Gallery, Berlin

             Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo!, Kunstverein Bielefeld, Bielefeld, Germany

             Mannheim Exhibition, Mannheim, Germany; Cercle Munster, Luxembourg

             Allegories of Displacement, Westport Arts Center, Westport, USA

2004     Surface Tension, Chelsea Art Museum, New York

2003     Pantone, Massimo Audiello Gallery, New York

             Tenth Anniversary Exhibition, Frederieke Taylor Gallery, New York

             The Burnt Orange Heresy, Space 101, New York

2002     Mint, Brooklyn Front Gallery, New York

             Thru the Game, Frederieke Taylor Gallery, New York

1999     Scratch and Sniff, New School Academy of Fine Art, Grand Rapids, USA

1998     Recent Work, University City Arts League, Philadelphia, USA

1997     MFA Thesis Exhibition, Museum of American Art, Philadelphia, USA

1996     Florida Landscape Series, ABFAB Gallery, Philadelphia, USA


Solomon Guggenheim Museum, New York

Chelsea Art Museum, New York

Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, USA

The Yuz Foundation, Jakarta, Indonesia

Saatchi Gallery, London

Bangkok O Museum, Bangkok

Taguchi Art Collection, Tokyo

Vanhaerents Art Collection, Brussels 




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