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Eunsae Lee

Eunsae Lee captures the illogical incidents and accidents that she encounters in her surroundings, and the uncomfortable moments derived from them. The scenes detected from the Internet, media, or the everyday life, and the artist’s rebellious imagination towards these scenes become the subjects of her paintings. Compared to her earlier works, which could be seen as a metaphoric scenery about incidents, it is notable that Lee focuses on the expression of figures in her recent works presented in this exhibition. It is distinctive that the artist turns around from collecting subjects from the extensive world including all kinds of media and focuses on actual incidents that have occurred around her. Lee presents a new perspective towards the hastily objectified figures in the media. By reproducing the incidents and figures that the artist witnessed personally on the picture-screen, Lee aspires to question the images and ideas produced by the media.

Eunsae Lee bestows independence to the figures that are declared as objects. The figures placed in various situations distinctly stares and glares towards the opposite side of the picture-screen. In Staring Eyes (2018), a set of eyes are fiercely blazing in front of a vivid light-green background. The artist used a politician’s poster in which the eyes were vandalized as her subject. The figure’s eyes scorch black as if intimidatingly warning her adversary who mocked her confidence for one last time. In Come Closer (2018), a female figure, standing precariously with her bottoms stripped is exposed. Her penetratingly flashing eyes are menacing. The contour of the eyes painted with lines fleetingly passing on top of the picture-screen hollowly yet directly gazes at the reality. The female figure is the object, as well as the principal subject.

Eunsae Lee was born in Seoul, 1987. She graduated from Hongik University with a Bachelor’s degree in Painting in 2010, and received her Master’s degree in the School of Visual Art, Korea National University of Arts in 2014. She has held solo exhibitions at institutions such as Alternative Space LOOP (Seoul), Gallery 2 (Seoul), Gallery Chosun (Seoul), and more. She also participated in group exhibitions at institutions such as Art Center White Block (Paju, Korea), Amado Art Space/Lab (Seoul), Space K (Gwangju, Korea), Gallery 175 (Seoul), and more. Her works were appraised in various projects such as The 10th Unlimited Edition (2018), The Scrap (2016), Goods (2015), and more. She has been a participant of K’ARTS Studio (Seoul), and her work is included in the public collection of Seoul Museum of Art (Seoul). She is currently living and working in Seoul. 



1987 Born in Seoul

2010 B.F.A. Painting, Hongik University, Seoul
2014 M.F.A. School of Visual Art, Korea National University of Arts, Seoul
Lives and Works in Seoul

Solo Exhibitions

2018 Night Freaks, Alternative Space LOOP, Seoul
2016 Guilty-Image-Colony, Gallery 2, Seoul
2015 Crack; Interference; Witnesses, Seoul Art Space Seogyo, Seoul
    Crack; Interference; Witness, Gallery Chosun, Seoul

2018 The 10th Unlimited Edition, Seoul Museum of Art (Buk-Seoul), Seoul
2016 The Scrap, Seoul
    Black market, Gwanghwamun Camping Zone, Seoul
2015 Goods, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Seoul

2018 K’ARTS Studio, Seoul

Eunsae Lee (URSULAPress, 2018)

Public Collections
Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

Group Exhibitions

2018 Motif, Hakgojae Gallery, Seoul
SSamzie Space 1998-2008-2018: Enfants Terribles, As Ever, Donuimun Museum Village, Seoul
Salt of the Jungle, Vietnamese Women’s Museum, Hanoi
The Age-long Crack, Dongduk Art Gallery, Seoul
2017 Salt of the Jungle, Asean Culture House, Busan, Korea
PingPong, Gallery 175, Seoul
Project Hope?, Post Territory Ujeongguk, Seoul
Salt of the Jungle, KF Gallery, Seoul
The Painting, Open Space Bae, Busan, Korea
Read My Lips, Hapjeongjigu, Seoul
2016 Operations of Colors, Space 9, Seoul
Eyes Open to Everyone, Art Center White Block, Paju, Korea
2015 The Idea of North: Schizo-Geography, Amado Art Space/Lab, Seoul
2014 The Showcase, Seoul Art Space Seogyo, Seoul
Unfamiliar Air, Space bm, Seoul
Today’s Salon, Common Center, Seoul
Chilled Edge, KNUA Gallery, Seoul
2013 Eastern Monsters, Triangle Art Festival, Space K, Gwangju, Korea
Drawn to Drawing, Gallery 175, Seoul
Drawn to Drawing, Gallery Nakai, Kyoto, Japan
Drawn to Drawing, Gallery Kaze, Osaka, Japan
2012 37.9°N 22.9°N, Kunshan Art Gallery, Kunshan, Taiwan
2011 Heavy, Deep and Dark, Yeemock Gallery, Seoul


Oil on canvas

33.3 x 40.9 cm

Staring Woman


Oil on canvas

40.9 x 33.3 cm

Staring Eyes


Oil on canvas

90.9 x 116.7 cm

Come Closer


Oil on canvas

116.7 x 90.9 cm

Eye Rubber


Oil on canvas

193.9 x 260.6 cm

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