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Hakgojae Gallery
Yun Seok-nam exhibition
Yun Suk‐nam is the artist who expresses self‐consciousness of women??s social position and their inner world using her paintings and installations. Through her artworks like sculpture of lengthened mother??s arm due to take care of her husband and children or frightfully sharp hooks that broke out from pink sofa, she try to express women??s sacrifice and their unfair life that they are forced to endure. After she met Lee Ae‐Shin who takes care of abandoned dogs in 2004, Yun started to carving of 1,025 wood‐dogs and spent five years of her life secluded from the outside world. At wood‐ dog works, she gave form to dogs not women which she works all the time. But it is also focused on unfair life of abandoned dogs. Current exhibition is continuation of at Arko Art Center in October 2008. exhibition gave form to dogs that abandoned like a trash because of human??s capricious mind. Current exhibition at Hakgojae is more like a service for the repose of abandoned dog through 108 wood‐dogs. After the end of her at Arko Art Center, she started again creating 108 wood dogs. 108 torments was expressed by 108 beads or 108 times of bell rings, but this is a first time that expressed by form of 108 dogs. 108 wood‐dogs have bright flowers that exist only in the world of dreams or red flame looks like a candle light on their backs and sides. The number ??108?? undoubtedly refers to the ??One hundred and eight torments of Mankind?? referred to in Buddhism. As this number tells us, Yun feels that wood‐dogs need a ceremony for salvation, and she practice it through this exhibition. Main building exhibit about 200 wood‐dogs that displayed in former exhibition at Arko Art Center by new direction, and at annex, we exhibit new art works <108 wood‐ dogs> Through the new work of <108 wood dogs>??s service for repose, we can have time to rethink how people became insensitive to the fate of abandoned things – abandoned living creatures in this difficult reality.
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