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Hakgojae Gallery
KANG Yo Bae exhibition
Kang Yo Bae, starting his career with the work of criticizing distorted reality, is a prominent artist for paintings on the history and life of Jeju. To the artist, born in Jeju, this historically and geographically peculiar island is the matrix of living and the topic of work. In the series of exhibitions like 《History of Jeju People’s Resistance》, 《Nature of Jeju》, 《Camellia Falls: 4·3 Fiftieth Anniversary of Kang Yo Bae》, the artist showed his own eye and concern about Jeju. In the exhibition《Geumgangsan》of 1999, he introduced a new subject – Geumgangsan, but it is part of his consistent topic of ‘history’ and ‘nature’. Majority of works in this exhibition extends and deepens the subject of existing works by soundly presenting the wind, hills, fields, and mountains of Jeju. Thirty works in this exhibition 《Kang Yo Bae》 vividly show his sensation what he got after he comfortably settled down in the new ground of life and work by returning home again in 1990s. In the paintings like〈Azalea〉,〈Hill of White Buttercups〉, 〈Spring Sea of Biyangdo〉, 〈Korean Red Pine〉, spring flowers in full bloom are still lovable, scattered wild flowers are still fresh, surging waves are still cool, straight trees are still strong. Paintings in this exhibition are not landscapes of the eye but landscapes of the mind. This could be possible by the warm love and special understanding for the objects. For this reason, in this exhibition 《Kang Yo Bae》 we are expected to meet the universal landscapes of Korea within our heart
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