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Hakgojae Gallery

Jae Yong is using traditional materials and techniques of ceramic, however, under a normative understanding of crafts, he produces objects that cannot be defined as crafts. If we broaden the definition of craft more leniently and incorporate the act and process of making something out of clay into the realm of crafts, It can be seen as a craft. However, the question of whether his work is the craft or fine art is pointless. This question is not a requirement for measuring or better understanding the value of his work. One thing is prominent; Jae Yong's art is helping us to see the fields of Korean ceramic, craft, and art in a broader perspective. His art provides a more extensive view on the question of "what is craft?", as well as answers with a naughty smile to the question of "what the hell is fine art?".


Jae Yong's work goes naturally in any place, such as museums, local festivals, the front yard of a celebrity, hipster cafe, shopping mall, museum stores, a spot for artwork in local intersections, a wall of the apartment. The psychological endeavor of memories of a worldwide man is universalized in the form of Donut and permeates our time and space. It will continue to spread, and it is proven consistently. Jae Yong's Donut, full of imagination, humor, and ornaments like night sky stars, is transcending the absolute positivity and cynicism of today.


Excerpt from “The Mind Status of the Universal Traveler” | Saemi Cho (Art Critic, D.F.A)


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