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Hakgojae Gallery
Hahm-Young-Jeo-Hwa: Chinese Traditional Arts and Craftworks

‘Spring and Autumn’ is an exhibition project that aims to fulfill the idea of ‘Hak-Go-Chang-Shin’(學古創新, to create new things by learning the old). It took its first step in 2010, with the theme; 「Jang-Wang-Go-Rae」(章往考來, to see into the future, one must understand the past). After the second exhibition, 「Chusa Kim Jeong-hui, Woosung Kim Chong Yung」 in 2015, 「Hahm-Young-Jeo-Hwa」(含英咀華, to enjoy and relish the beauty of art) is the third ‘Spring and Autumn’ exhibition.

It was difficult working with such heavy themes but we are slowly yet determinedly moving forward. In this exhibition, we are presenting numerous ancient Chinese artworks and craftworks created within over 6000 years, from the Neolithic Age to the Qing Period. Selecting and classifying chronologically, we are presenting 33 potteries, 28 jades, 13 metal goods, 57 stationeries and craftworks; 131 pieces in total.
The reason we decided to present only ancient Chinese artworks instead of Modern or Contemporary art is to propose a chance to halt the journey going restlessly forward and reminiscent the past for a better future. It is an attempt to return to the forest of tradition and be reminded the importance of tradition. We aspire to offer the nutrition for art that transcend time, by learning the knowledge of our predecessors, through closely studying the ancient Chinese artworks, which is the origin of Korea’s traditions. One can look forward to the further future only after appreciating depth of their traditions.
Our theme for this exhibition is ‘Hahm-Young-Jeo-Hwa’(含英咀華). It contains the longing to hold the ‘flower’ in the mouth and taste the honey in the nectary in the forest of ancient Chinese art. We anticipate swallowing the fragrant flower and sweet honey, and yield something better, as yielding fruit in the fall.

Sincere gratitude to Woi-Jong Park(朴外鍾), who collected works and generally organized this exhibition, and Cheng-Feng Lin(林正豐), who traveled back and forth between Seoul and Taipei multiple times, to help us with the selecting process of works.

 -Hakgojae Gallery Curation Team



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    2016.12.01 - 2017.01.25
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