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Hakgojae Gallery
LEE Yongbaek: An Unfamiliar Path

Lee Yongbaek’s works are like topics for a debate. By endlessly analyzing a matter and its sources, one may face the essence of the reality and the truth. A novice may read his work with superficial matters (social or political), and do not face the essential intentions of the artist.

The works, installed in different spaces, seem to vary in material, form, and theme. But each works approach the subjects the artist has already dealt with in his previous works, with extended views. Once the subjects are comprehended, it is clear that these works share the same context.

The works resemble a ‘Haiku,’ a traditional Japanese poetic form, which is described as ‘an art of the moment.’ Lee Yongbaek’s works for this exhibition, like a ‘Haiku,’ binds the artist’s previous works and penetrates the reality. The artist questions, through his recent works in this exhibition: “Are our sensibility and mind intact, in a world where we divide the mind and the body, and arts and science?”

Kwang-yong Cho  I Art Critic, President of Art & Discourse
Extracted from ‘An Unfamiliar Path’
LEE Yongbaek
An Unfamiliar Path


Aluminum, glass, motor controller

Dimensions variable

LEE Yongbaek
The Best Known Secret: Blind Landscape


Bakelite(plastic), aluminum

228(h) x 430 x 36 cm

LEE Yongbaek
Broken Mirror


HD video (3'43"), mixed media

1240(h) x 1900 cm

LEE Yongbaek
What makes the Earth Go Around?


HD video


LEE Yongbaek
Why I Work With Dull And Tiring Themes


Aluminum, sponge(absorbing material)

380(h) x 170 x 30 cm / 970 x 380 cm

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