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Hakgojae Gallery
Jean-Pierre Raynaud exhibition
Jean-Pierre Raynaud Jean-Pierre Raynaud (1939~) is a world renowned French-born sculptor. Through his 'Le Pot' series, Raynaud has depicted the art theory behind revival and recovery for the past 30 years. The pot filled with cement represents the darkness which followed the sadness and anger brought by the death of his father in the Second World War. A recurring "object" of choice, the pot serves as a metaphor for the small space or universe, in which life is planted and grown. Consequently, Raynaud uses these pots to reveal the meaning behind his inner self. Raynaud's pots have thus evolved into different "object" including flags, white tiles and paint cans. His preferred definition of "object" highlights its origins as a method that has progressed from perspectives that define the biographical adventures. Essentially, the "object" emphasizes the power of symbols. In addition to the aforementioned body of work, Raynaud has recently started working on the "word" series. Words are often considered to be the clearest and strongest form of symbols. A word alone can generate a various number of images. Names, especially, are easily prone to bringing about stereotypes. Once a name is molded with a certain type of information, it becomes that much harder to perceive the name in any other way. The words that Raynaud has chosen to use in his artworks are ART and names of famous artists such as PICASSO, MONET and GAUGUIN. When we think of the word MONET, it is difficult not to think of the water lilies painted in the gardens of Giverny. As explained, Raynaud believes that names, whether they're recognized or not, are symbolic of the desire that can be produced during the creative process. For the first time, Raynaud's "word" series will be introduced in this exhibition. Furthermore, the exhibition will include a white pot, which Raynaud has created especially for his visit to Korea, as well as works from his "Peinture" series, which include a red, orange, yellow and green paint cans that resemble a stoplight.
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