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Hakgojae Cheongdam
[Shanghai] The Old Bookhouse

Hakgoaje Shanghai is pleased to announce Lee Jinyong’s first solo exhibition in China, The Old Bookhouse from October 31st to November 29th, 2015. The artist used objects that he has been encountering for a long time as the subject and drew his impressions from them. Lee is the representative artist who currently leads the painting, completed with the traditional tools such as paint and brush. Born in Busan, South Korea in 1961, he received BFA from Dong-A University in Busan and currently lives works in same city. Lee was awarded Gold Medal Prize by Korea Contemporary Art Awards when he was only 20 years old. Constantly Lee received Joongang Art Prize by Samsung Ho-am Art Gallery, Special Prize from Dong-a Art Awards by National Museum of Modern Art, Korea, Special Prize of Korea Art Awards by National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and more. Lee Jinyong’s works are part of public collections at Seoul Museum of Art (Seoul), Samsung Ho-am Art Gallery (Yongin, Korea), Hanlim Art Museum (Daejeon, Korea), LA Artcore (Los Angeles, USA).

There will be around 30 works to be displayed in Hakgojae Shanghai, including his major series Hardbacks, newly emerged series TYPE and epic pieces of three-dimensional paintings. Through the exhibition The Old Bookhouse, Hakgojae Shanghai would like to have an chance to find out the statue of paintings in the digital era.


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