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Hakgojae Shanghai
[Shanghai] Social Realism in Asia Chapter 1. Isles of Sincerity (无妄岛)

Hakgojae Shanghai is pleased to announce a series of exhibitions with representative Social Realism artists in Shanghai. Since the founding in 1988, Hakgojae Gallery has been a supporter of Social Realism (especially Minjung Art of Korea), unseemly for a commercial art gallery, and continuously presented exhibitions related to the subject. As an extension, will be shown in five chapters of different exhibitions at Hakgojae Shanghai. The first exhibition that will open series is a duo exhibition of Mangu Putra and Kang Yo-bae 无妄岛)> from July 11 to August 30, 2015. Those 2 artists’ works speak of the public victimized by historical incidents through colonization and conflict of ideologies.

Bali and Jeju Island- both known as one of Asia’s top vacation spots and tourist attractions- now found peace after the sacrifices of too many ordinary people and experienced sudden changes in modern and contemporary history. Two islanders, Mangu Putra and Kang Yo-bae, were born and currently live in Bali and Jeju, respectively, continue the heart-breaking histories. These artists realistically portray the scenery of the islands, and indigenous people. However, they go beyond simply depicting these objects and attempt to embody the work and labor of life, and resistance from injustice and inequality. 无妄岛)> exhibition shares sympathy to the sacrificed ones who once hoped to live sincerely and honestly following the nature and hope of the ones who had survived.

Shanghai, a city in which early 20th century writer, Shiying Mu (1912-1940) has criticized as “a heaven built on top of a hell,” is a hyper-centric city of capital and economy of socialist China, dominated by highly developed market of big capitals. Opening in Shanghai, a city full of such contradiction, this exhibition aspires to be an opportunity to reanalyze the world of inferno-like reality and question the role of art in a society.




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