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Hakgojae Gallery

Hakgojae Gallery cordially invites you to group exhibition showing works by five artists from Korea and China whom will present profound experiments and wide spectrum of varieties of contemporary ink painting. Three Korean artists, Kim Sundoo, Kim Hodeuk, Cho Hwan and two Chinese artists, Wei Qingji and Zhang Yu will participate and their installation and paintings will be displayed at Space 1.

Contemporary Ink Painting was projected in our hope to make a new discourse on Asian contemporary ink paintings. This project was planned to be held in long term and periodically in an attempt to explore the progress of and new attempts of this particular genre. The very first Contemporary Ink Painting is the rendezvous between these five artists from Korea and China whom translate contemporary ink painting in new perspectives and ways. This group of artists had started from traditional ink painting but gradually derailed from its materials, techniques, and even subjects and widened their art world by creating original and experimental images and executing them into installation, performance, painting, and sculpture.

Through Contemporary Ink Painting exhibition, Hakgojae Gallery hopes to be a place for artists and scholars to discuss contemporary ink painting when today, various issues of Oriental Art can be conversed together in Asia with political, economical, societal, and cultural conditions are fully matured.


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