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Hakgojae Cheongdam
[Shanghai] Monodrama

Hakgojae Shanghai is pleased to announce Zhao Nengzhi's solo exhibition ‘Monodrama’ from March 13 to May 10, 2015. This exhibition presents Zhao’s recent paintings 2014 series and Infant series as well as his sculptures from 2012 - 2014. Since 1997, only one figure was depicted in every Zhao Nengzhi's paintings. In a swirling dark background, there is no audience, but a vague character trying hard to tell the monologue from the bottom of heart. It is a monodrama. Years later, with the continuing monodrama, infants and adults on canvas started to become exhausted. The once fulfilled impulse of telling has then brought pains, stresses from outside are getting stronger, and the sense of loneliness still exists. They have to float in the air, or curl up in the corner. Gradually, they are distant from the world.

Childhood, youth, and mid-age., infant, male and female. No matter how the role changes in the painting, Zhao still insists to focus on depicting individual's interior experiences and changes. By means of different figures and mediums, the works present the helpless and loneliness that never disappeared at the interior of human beings.

Born in Sichuan Province, China in 1968, Zhao Nengzhi received BFA from Sichuan Fine Art Institute in 1990. He has held solo exhibitions internationally in Beijing, Shanghai, London, Zurich, Frankfurt, Singapore and Jakarta. His works are part of many private and public collections including Guangdong Museum of Art, Shenzhen Art Museum, and Blue Roof Museum of Chengdu.




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