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Hakgojae Gallery
SUH Yongsun, Utopia's Delay: the Painter and the Metropolis

Hakgojae Gallery and Kumho Museum of Art are pleased to present Suh Yongsun’s that carry insights on people and society starting from April 17th to May 17th. Suh has been designated as ‘the Artist of the Year’ at National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in 2009 and was awarded ‘Lee Jung Seob Art Award’ in 2014, placing him as one of representative Korean artists. In 2008, he resigned his professorship from Seoul National University and currently devoting all his time in creative activities. His works, in which are spoken on behalf through meticulous compositions, rough brushstrokes, intense primary colors, and figures in shades of red, are considered to be Korean Expressionism and have taken itself an independent place amongst Korean artists.

This exhibition will show artist’s City series, in which Suh has been working on since the 1980s, depicting various forms of city dwellers living in New York, Berlin, Melbourne, Beijing, and Seoul. Suh Yongsun’s cityscapes are results of not only city’s outer appearance but also overall insights on city’s structures and regulations and relationship between people and their cities. Large and small scale paintings, wood sculptures, along with archives including references, drawings, and videos will provide an opportunity to generally observe the artist’s works and assist in understanding his art world.





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