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Hakgojae Gallery
Cho Yong Chul: Mindscape

Hakgojae Gallery is delighted to announce photographer Cho Yong Chul’s exhibition from 1st May to 18th May. For Cho, this exhibition will be a significant turning point, as he completes his life as a photojournalist for last twenty-nine years and aims to introduce his sphere as an artist. Cho reminisces of briefly encounters with winds, clouds, birds and flowers in which became friends in his life. He believes the world and the existences that he gained from camera eye are equal. The artist commented that negligible and trifling presences are more meaningful and this led his works to focus on tiny and trivial lives, as well as easily passing fragments of the nature. The exhibition “Mindscape: Cho Yong Chul Solo Exhibition” not only connotes love and communication towards all living creatures but also features the message of dream and comfort.



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    조용철_중앙일보_새·자연·꽃·사람 … 포기할 수 없는 삶의 이유를 담다


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    조용철_아주경제_'머리끄댕이녀' 세상에 알린 사진기자 조용철 사진작가로 변신


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