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Hakgojae Gallery
LEE Youngbin



Hakgojae is pleased to present a solo exhibition of LEE Youngbin who has drawn her statement of mind through artworks which talk about tiny bits of life. In 2005, LEE Youngbin had her first solo exhibition in Space CELL when she was a graduate school stu­dent. Her second solo exhibition, which was composed of her drawings, was held in ARTTOGRAPH and this is her third solo exhibition. In this exhibition, LEE Young-Bin will unveil her new series of artworks, Bath. The Bath series has not been fully opened to the public although she has made steady and persistent effort on the theme.

This exhibition introduces the Bath series and 158 drawings, which conveys the theme of healing inner-self through free and spontaneous expression that comes from everyday life. To LEE Youngbin, painting is a way of observing and recording daily life surrounding her. The Bath series contains an objective view to evaluate and recognize the society. The artworks are the artist’s statement of confession which is based on her true emotions. Through the process of art making, LEE Youngbin ac­cepts inevitable values of life and learns how to heal herself.




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