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Hakgojae Gallery
Byoung Ok, MIN 'Conflating Spaces'


Hakgojae Gallery cordially invites you to a solo exhibition of New York-based artist, Byoung Ok MIN. The exhibition is Byuoung Ok MIN's first exhibition after 14 years of her absence in Korea since her last exhibition at 63 Gallery in 1995. The existence of simple abstract elements and the tension between them in her artworks stimulate sensibility of its viewers. Byoung Ok Min believes that the artist and the viewers can communicate together through the artworks. To act in accordance with her belief, Byoung Ok MIN has constantly communicated with the world through the abstract painting she has created over 50 years.

Byoung Ok MIN emphasizes on the existence of each element and the tension between them. To the artist, the tension is a creation; it can be formed when each existence is comprised in an equal gravity beyond its space. The existence is stimulation that comes with in the response to each other regardless of its size or distance. This stimulation gives liveliness and vitality to the artworks. Moreover, it reconstructs the world as seen by the artist.

In , 26 artworks are chosen from 1990 up to the present. The artworks show the passion of Byoung Ok MIN, who does not stop studying and working on canvas in spite of her advanced age.


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