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Hakgojae Gallery
SUH Yongsun 'Politics of Gaze'


Hakgojae Gallery presents Suh Yongsun's solo exhibition . Suh has been very active recently producing paintings and enjoying his free time after retiring from teaching at Seoul National University. He has broadened his eyes as an artist by traveling to many regions in Europe, the United States, China, and Japan. This exhibition provides an opportunity to experience people and their lives that the artist captured during his journey.

The artist who used to show stark and mechanical urban scenes and create historical and political scenes related to King Danjong, now turns his eyes to overseas. The artworks depict the faces of various lives of people who carry their daily lives in each city, or the city scenes. People and scenes that he looked at as an outsider are not just objects of his interests—they contain politics of existence and history.


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