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JIA Youfu


1942 Born in Suning Hebei province 
1960 Enrolled in the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), most influenced by Li Keran 
1965 Graduated from CAFA, with concentration in traditional landscape painting. 
      Traveled to the Taihang Mountain Range in northwestern China nineteen times during course of his study. 
1967-1977 Continued to paint and teach at CAFA except during period when sent with other CAFA faculty and students to the countryside during the Cultural Revolution 
1981 Awarded 'Work of Excellence' by Beijing municipal government 
1984 Bronze medal, Sixth National Painting Exhibition
1984 Won 3rd prize for the 6th China National Art Exhibition awarded by China National Gallery 
1988 Won 'Special Award', Beijing International Chinese Painting Exhibition 
1990 Won 'Top Level Artist' award given by the Beijing International Art Gallery Foundation 
1992 Awarded the title of 'Master Artist' by the PRC State Council Featured in various collections and publications throughout China and the world: France, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, Russia, India, Canada, Singapore. 
       Represented exclusively in the United States by M. Sutherland Fine Arts, Ltd. Presently teaching at the Department of Chinese Painting at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, advisor to students for MA and PhD degree 


1999 Second solo exhibition at the China Art Gallery, Beijing 
1995 Exhibited in the 'One Hundred Years of Chinese Painting', show at the Hong Kong Museum of Art 
1994 Solo exhibition at the Singapore National Museum of Art, Singapore 
1992 Solo exhibition, Tokyo Museum of Modern Art and Yokohama Museum 
1990 Xiongshi Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan 
1989 Solo exhibition at Rongbaozhai, Hong Kong 
1988 Solo exhibition, Chinese Artists' Association, Chinese Art Gallery, Beijing
1988 Solo exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan 
1988 Solo exhibition at the China National Gallery, Beijing, China
1986 Solo exhibition at CAFA Gallery Literature 
2005 'All of works for Jia Youfu', published by Hebei Art publishing
2001 Second monograph published by Tianjin Peoples Press 
1990 'Jia Youfu's New Works', published by Artist publishing in Taiwan 
1988 'Jia Youfu's Painting', published by Henan Arts Press 
1987 First monograph published, 'Jia Youfu Huaji'



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