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Hakgojae Gallery
SHIN Hak-Chul·FANG Lijun: Monumental Body-Scapes

This exhibition introduces works from 2000-2010 of two representative contemporary artists of Korea and China: Shin Hak-Chul (b.1943) and Fang Lijun (b.1963). This group exhibition aims to explore how these two artists express the historical experiences of the people (or the multitudes) by materializing the body (or bodies), and how the people face the reorganized social realities under globalization and neoliberalism through the idea of “monument.” These monumental works suggest a new politics of aesthetics through the sensible expressions of the body, rather than interpreting the people’s history within ideological views and representations. Furthermore, this exhibition compares the works of these two artists in order to better explore the possibility of a dialogue between their two distinct art worlds, at the same time setting a place for Minjung art (“the people’s art” in South Korea during the 1980s) in the context of contemporary art history.

Hyejong Yoo l Art Historian
       Extracted  from ‘Shin Hak-Chul, Fang Lijun: Monumental Body-Scapes’
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